3.2 Contributions

Use prior research as context to state the contributions of the study to the understanding of the program’s outcomes. Define the level of evidence the evaluation plans to attain and why it is appropriate. Justify the selection of preliminary evidence and describe how the evaluation will lead to targeting moderate or strong levels of evidence within a specified timeframe.

Note: This section was not required of earlier cohorts; the following example was created using the research questions from Latin America Youth Center’s SEP, but was not in the Latin America Youth Center’s SEP.

What elements would you like to review?
These elements are from the SEP Guidance Checklist

The following elements are from the SEP Guidance Checklist however, have not been included in the related SEP example.

If an evaluation targeting a preliminary level of evidence is proposed, the section details why this is appropriate, and when and how the program will move to a higher level of evidence.

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