4.3.2 Component Measures

Ensuring that the measures selected are reliable, valid, and appropriate to use for the study is a key way to reduce threats to internal validity caused by the study itself. The SEP should be clear about how each measure aligns with the outcomes in the logic model. Each outcome should be clearly defined as a confirmatory measure or an exploratory measure.

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These elements are from the SEP Guidance Checklist

The following elements are from the SEP Guidance Checklist however, have not been included in the related SEP example.

If there are multiple outcomes, as indicated by the logic model and the research questions, the SEP differentiates between confirmatory and exploratory outcomes consistent with the logic model and research questions.

If the outcome measure differs across sites or groups/subgroups of sample members, how the different measures will be combined is described.

Information regarding each measure’s reliability and validity (e.g., Cronbach’s alpha), and validation against outcomes as well as historical use, if available, is provided.

If reliability and validity of measures have yet to be determined, an analysis plan for doing so is presented.

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